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About Thai Pad Thai Brighton

The Thai cuisine is something we are masters at. We provide the most impeccable flavours, thanks to the amazing handpicked spices that we use for our kitchen. We never deviate from our commitment to quality by picking up just the best grade of ingredients, such that our customers are left with zero reasons to complain. Our perfection also helps us stay at the top of the industry, thanks to the amazing tips and tricks we use for our kitchen. You can simply be a part of the experience right from your own place, thanks to our home delivery services. Our app is found for free download on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store and provides all of the services you might need to get hold of our fantastic dishes. Once your order is placed, we would devote all of our resources in order to provide you with a spotless experience. Give us a try and let us make your dinner a memorable one.


Thai Pad Thai Brighton Restaurant

We are located at one of the most preferable parts of the city, here at 72 Dyker Road, Brighton, BN1 3JD. Thanks to the very smooth transport and traffic services, our customers are having zero issues while making their way to us. Our home delivery services have also been pretty consistent, thanks to the huge network of roads that originate from here. Yet, our app has been equipped with GPS support, if you need any kind of help while visiting us. Consider us a visit today if you are one of the most avid lovers of food.

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